Le nouveau trailer de Solo Leveling: Arise, l'adaptation du webtoon

The new trailer for Solo Leveling: Arise, the webtoon adaptation

The new trailer for Solo Leveling: Arise, the webtoon adaptation

While the webtoon came to an end last year, dive back into the adventure with the new Solo Leveling: Arise trailer, the video game adaptation of the work of Chugong and Dubu, on Android, iOS and PC. Let’s see together what these images reveal, but also the first feedback from players who have had the chance to test the game.

Solo Leveling: Arise trailer

Announced earlier in the year with the first Solo Leveling: Arise trailerthis Netmarble game adapted from korean webtoon to success, Solo Leveling, presents a second time its universe ofAction RPG ambitious on video.

If you’re unfamiliar with the universe, here’s a quick summary. In Solo: Levelingcountless evil creatures invaded the planet via portals scattered around the world. To survive this powerful threat, humans have developed powers and form an army of hunters. These brave fighters cross the various portals to attack the enemy at the .

Fans of the license will be delighted to discover the emblematic characters of Solo Leveling in motion in nervous cutscenes which give a taste of what the anime, currently in production, could look like.

Enjoyable, but only solo gameplay for Solo Leveling game

The Solo Leveling: Arise trailer footage give no information about the gameplaybut according to the images that leaked from the beta, we can expect epic clashes against gigantic monsters in third person view.

As in Genshin Impact and other similar titles, you will have to compose your team depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your characters, which will have to be improved with the res collected. In combat, switch from one character to another to perform combos and defeat the biggest opponents.

On the other hand, participants in the test phases of the Solo Leveling game have made it known that there was no no multiplayer in the beta, whether in PvP or co-op. Moreover, according to some answers given by the publisher, PvP would simply not be considered at this stage of development.

So much for our impressions of the Solo Leveling: Arise trailer. We do not yet know the Solo Leveling: Arise release datebut Netmarble’s game is expected to be available in 2023 on PC and mobile.

The new trailer for Solo Leveling: Arise, the webtoon adaptation

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