The Walking Dead: Dead City will take place "several years" after the end of the series

The Walking Dead: Dead City will take place “several years” after the end of the series

The Walking Dead: Dead City will take place “several years” after the end of the series

“Two or three years will have passed when we find these two characters…”

Even though the series is over, the spin-offs are still being filmed. Notably The Walking Dead: Dead Cityin which we will find Maggie and Negan in Manhattan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan delivers new info on the drama’s timeline, telling Variety that it won’t start “just the way Negan had hoped… Dead City doesn’t start immediately after what we see in the finale of The Walking Dead. A few years will have passed. Two or three years will have passed when we find these two characters and things will not be as promising as Negan had hoped when he had this heart-to-heart talk with Maggie (in the finale)…”

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No, the two will not be friends. And besides, will Negan really have changed? “I like to think he’s a better man, because of everything that just happened and he understands how he’s done wrong in the past.”, Morgan analyzes. “That being said, I don’t know if Negan will ever completely change his nature. I think in this world he found a way to survive. And although he tried hard to be part of our group of survivors, I wonder if he will not fall back into his old ways when he leaves the band (in the last moments of the finale) and finds himself again delivered to himself…

Lauren Cohan confirms for his part that this peace between Negan and Maggie will no longer be so obvious, when the new series begins: “The thing she’s trying to do in this grand finale isn’t working. She’s still mad at him. Yeah, Negan remains what Maggie sees as the main of his unhappiness. It’s something insurmountable. ..”

We left them anyway at a time of “relaxation is a good term to define their relationship” according to producer Scott Gimple, who feels that there are “good”a kind of truce after Negan apologizes for brutally killing Glenn. Now, that’s not completely settled into an excuse. Somehow it will never be settled.And showrunner Angela Kang adds: “They kind of got to a place where they said whatever it takes, to try to fix things. But it’s not resolved. Because I think for Maggie, she just can’t come to terms with forgiving her. And I think for Negan the main thing was acknowledging his own faults. Saying the words and also accepting that she’s not ready. And when he then walks away from the rest of the group at the end is that he admits that his place is right with his wife right now. He made the right choice, the difficult choice and now Maggie and Negan’s relationship can evolve in all directions.”

It will already evolve towards New York. “We have already done the woods”, abstract Jeffrey Dean Morgansuggesting that this new series walking dead will be more urban: “So we’re going to explore the urban environment now and see how the survivors survived in there and what became of them…”

The Walking Dead: Dead City will be released in 2023.

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