The Witcher 3: How to Make Bombs

The Witcher 3: How to Make Bombs

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Bombs are one of the witcher’s most important tools. They allow him to use alchemy to blind, freeze, unmask, or simply explode any monster he hunts.

The Witcher 3 How to Make Bombs - The Witcher 3: How to Make BombsWith many new Witcher games still a long way off, many fans are turning to Witcher 3. The third title in the Witcher series is often considered one of the best RPGs of all time, with a sprawling world, compelling story, and complex characters. In Witcher 3, the protagonist Geralt of Rivia uses steel, silver, magic and alchemy to hunt down and destroy monsters that plague humanity.

Bombs are among Geralt’s most powerful alchemical tools, allowing him to even the odds against the deadliest and most powerful monsters. There are 8 different types of bombs in Witcher 3, each with three different potencies. In order to be able to craft them all, not only must the ingredients be collected, but also the right recipes.

How to craft bombs in Witcher 3

At the beginning of the Witcher 3 story, only the recipe for Samum is known. All 23 other recipes must either be found in chests or purchased from one of the many herbalists and alchemists. Once you have acquired the correct recipe, you can access the “alchemy‘ open to find the ingredients for the bomb.

These ingredients can be herbal, chemical, or mineral in nature and can either be found anywhere in the world or purchased from herbalists. All 8 normal bombs, ie the non-improved or superior ones, require a certain amount of saltpetre, so it is best to build up a large supply. Once the necessary materials are obtained, they can be combined in the Alchemy tab to create the bomb. This only needs to be done once, after which Geralt will carry a constant supply of each bomb crafted and will replenish this supply with pure alcohol whenever he meditates.

All bombs in Witcher 3

There are 8 bombs in Witcher 3, each with a unique effect on enemies. Before they can be thrown, the bombs must be equipped with the object wheel, either with the Tab key on the PC or with L1 on the controllers, so that one can switch between the bombs and select the desired bomb. After that, the bombs can be thrown directly with the middle mouse button or R1, or aimed more precisely by holding these buttons.

  • dimeritium bomb – Releases a cloud of anti-magic metal Dimeritium that blocks all magical abilities.
  • dragon dream – Creates a cloud of flammable gas, which can then be ignited with another bomb or sign to create a large, fiery explosion.
  • cartridge case – Explodes in a spray of silver and steel shards, dealing shrapnel damage to all monsters in the area of ​​effect.
  • moondust – Generates a silver dust cloud that can prevent the shape-shifting monsters from changing shape and reveals invisible creatures.
  • north wind – Releases a blast of icy air that can chill or freeze enemies, dealing additional damage to them.
  • Samum – Creates a beam of bright light that blinds nearby enemies and stuns them for a few seconds.
  • Dancing Star – Creates a fiery explosion that can ignite enemies, causing them to panic and take damage over time.
  • devil puffball – Releases a long-lasting cloud of poison that deals constant damage to all nearby enemies.

Of all these bombs there are also improved and superior Versions that are more complicated to craft but have enhanced effects. Crafting these upgraded versions in Witcher 3 also increases the number of copies of this bomb that Geralt can carry at once.

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The Witcher 3: How to Make Bombs

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