The Witcher 3: Passage of the side quest “Fists of Fury”

The Witcher 3: Passage of the side quest “Fists of Fury”

The content of The Witcher 3 Fists of Fury is extensive, complex, and (thankfully) useful.

  • Fight in Velen
  • Fight in Novigrad
  • Fight in Skellige
  • Fights in Toussaint
  • Fisticuffs included In other notable quests

Fists of Fury is a fistfighting competition in the main regions of the Continent, on the Skellige Islands and in the capital of Toussaint Beauclair in The Witcher 3‘s Supplement “Blood and Wine”. Geralt may be a famous monster slayer, but does he have what it takes to become the reigning fistfighting champion of the entire Continent and Skellige combined?

Updated November 29, 2022 by Quinton O’Connor: The Witcher 3 is a phenomenal RPG. But as great as it is, the combat system hasn’t always been to the liking of players, and that’s doubly true of the game’s brawling mechanics. We think there’s no better time than today to continue this article to further imbue newbies with Geralt’s epic adventure with a fistfight feeling strong enough to take down a bear. Yes, bear.


Basics of fisticuffs

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In general, a reliable tactic for fisticuffs is move Geralt away from the enemy (only out of their range, but close enough to provoke them). This usually causes them to shuffle towards him, giving Geralt the opportunity to parry and create an opportunity to strike. Land a couple of hard hits, then dodge back to regain some distance, and repeat. This doesn’t always work, as some opponents prefer to defend themselves, but Geralt should use this tactic when his opponent goes on the offensive.

Fight in Velen


Velen’s fisticuffs consist of four duels. Geralt must defeat the first three to be eligible to fight baron’s sergeant on the Raven Perch.

Please note that the pattern of qualifiers followed by a victory over the regional champion will be the same for Novigrad, Skellige and Bockler.

Stan Fishgulper

Geralt will find a group of brawlers near Taverns in Lindenvale, east of Crow’s Bass. This first brawl is not so much a test of Geralt’s strength as a test of his moral compass. Stan takes Geralt aside before the fight and admits that he has no chance of defeating the Witcher, but pleads that he needs a reward to support his family.

Geralt can choose not to fight, so Stan can take home the sack of flour offered as a reward to the winner. In this case Geralt can call for revenge.and defeated Stan a second time to advance in Velen’s Fists of Fury competition. However, Geralt had already made his bet before discovering Stan’s great need. If he was confident in his fistfighting ability and made an exorbitant bet (max 70 crowns), then it’s a good piece of coin to lose him so early.

If you do not set the minimum bid. one crown, Geralt is not invited to quit the fight. Instead, Geralt can win the fight and then walk up to stan and give him five crowns so that he can feed his family.


Another group of fist fighters will be outside Taverns at the crossroads, nnorth of Crow’s Perch. This can be a bit tricky since the fight takes place indoors, which means that Geralt needs to don’t back yourself into a corner.

Luckily, this is Velen and none of the opponents are overly aggressive, so Geralt can go on the offensive without too much risk. Once he cornered Smithy, instead of allowing himself to lose space, it was essentially game over for Smithy.

And she

Iona is located in Blackbow, west of Crow’s Bass. Geralt will discover that the match is in progress opposite the blacksmith in a tiny village.

Jonah tends to circle more often than Stan or Smithy and goes on the offensive more often. But while you give him space, you can parry his punches easily and create an opportunity for a few hits of your own. However, don’t start pulling it. He eventually parries Geralt and counterattacks.


After winning three qualifying matches, Geralt must go to crow perchto take on Velen’s reigning champion, Baron’s Sergeant. You will find the Sergeant outside of Baron’s fort near the big dead tree in the center of the yard.

Unsurprisingly, the Sergeant is the most aggressive of all Velen’s matches. Geralt can still parry it and thus create a gap. But since he hits more often, Geralt can also try dodge to the side or behind the sergeant and and use the sergeant’s momentum against him, landing multiple hits while the sergeant recovers from missing his target.

Fight in Novigrad


To enter the Novigrad Fists of Fury Route, Geralt can travel to golden sturgeon (West of the sign for Hierarch’s Square, past the Vivaldi Bank) and talk to Master Claytop. p>

Georgius ‘Piledriver’ Georg

After talking to Claytop, Geralt registers for the match against Georgius Georg. It’s an interesting encounter, as Geralt is once again asked to forfeit the match, albeit for a much better price, but not for such a good reason.

Geralt will be offered 80 crowns in addition to doubling the income from his bet if he loses the match. This makes Geralt the highest possible takeout of 240 crowns, which is not a bad price to pay for such a simple request. Geralt can request a rematch again to continue the Fists of Fury competition if he accepts this bribe. . There’s also an extra 25 experience added on top to sweeten the deal a little.

This is one of those times when The Witcher 3 seduces even the most die-hard good-hearted RPGs with the promise of something brilliant. There is no long-term negative appeal for consent to refuse a match, and the current price is quite attractive. We’d say, “Just do it,” but if you prefer to keep the proud hero complex, we totally understand that.

When you fight ‘Piledriver’ fair and square, the match takes place indoors. Unlike the indoor challenge against Smithy in Velen, not as effective as cornering Georg. He is better at parrying Geralt’s punches than Smithy and is easier to counterattack, meaning it’s useless to pull him back while he’s in a defensive stance.

Unfortunately, Georg retains his defensive stance for almost the entire match, except when he throws punches. Georg also hits hard, draining almost a quarter of Geralt’s life force when he strikes. it the combination of powerful and defensive tactics means that Geralt’s best counter-tactic is to stay patient and dodgerather than parry. If you can, dodging behind George’s back will give Geralt more opportunities to land additional hits before he has to resume his tricky maneuvers.

Archibald O’Neill

This match is hidden north of Portside signpost. After crossing the bridge and entering the gates of Novigrad, immediately turn right. There will be a fight in the niche on the left when Geralt comes down the stairs.

Although this fight is not indoors, it still takes place in a confined space. However, Geralt doesn’t have to worry so much about being cornered. O’Neil is easy to block and extremely sensitive to Geralt’s Parryopening him up to a flurry of counterattacks.

Iron Mortimer

Mortimer Ferreo can be found in the yard west of South Gate marker across the river. After crossing the bridge, turn left. Directly in front of the brick archway hangs another left passage along a secluded alley (it is blocked by a bushy tree), it leads to the courtyard where the fighting takes place.

Captain Mortimer is another solid protector, though not as strong as Georg. However, breaking his defenses is no easy feat, so it’s best to be patient and keep some distance between the captain and Geralt. Then wait for Mortimer to lunge and either parry or dodge the attack. A successful parry makes Mortimer stagger more.than Georg, leaving Geralt more time to counterattack.

Durden, tailor

The Regional Championship match against Taylor Durden (a reference to Fight Club’s Tyler Durden) takes place in city ​​square between the Gates of Glory and the Port. A bulletin board with a tall post topped with a bird’s nest marks the spot.

Although he likes to think so, Durden is not special among fist fighters. He takes an aggressive approach, so it’s best to use standard tactics. let him move forward, parry his blow, and then strike back with a couple of strong attacks.

Fighting on Skellige

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It’s no secret that the Skelligers are among the most muscular fighters, as well as the most experienced. It is likely that soon after arriving on Skellige, Geralt will stumble upon one of these insatiable brawls.


In front of the hotel the harbor of Kaer Trolde there will be a match that Geralt goes through on his way to the fortress. Here he can register to take on Valgard, who boasts a deceptively tough exterior. Geralt will once again be asked to refuse the fight, this time in the name of love. This time there is no additional reward for Geralt, so answer as you wish.

Although Valgard remains vigilant, he is not very good at blocking. He refuses to defendwith plenty of time to hit before he hits Geralt. However, Geralt will want to gain some distance after a couple of hits and reload for the next hit. Despite his heavy build, Valgard’s punches are also quite easy to parry, not to mention that he has a wide swing, so the standard approach of parry or dodge, strike, retreat and repeat works. OK.


The next member can be found in the village Harviken, on one of Skellige’s smallest islandslocated in the southwestern part of the map.

Einar prefers to stay. defense, although his transition from blocking to striking isn’t much better than Valgard’s. Therefore, the same interruption or parry and counter tactics.


Grim can be found on the main island. in the village Arinbjorn, on the Western Peninsula. The battles will take place in the fields next to the village, to the left of the sign leading to the sea.

Grim is a beast with strong defense and a strong punch. Geralt can block it, but not for long, as it will cost a lot of stamina. He also doesn’t lose much balance due to the parry, but he does have a wild backswing. Grim has more time to recover from a miss than some fighters, so the best option is to dodge behind him to land the maximum number of hits.


There are only two qualifying matches before Geralt can take on Skellige’s champion, the bear Olaf. No, it’s not an alias. Olaf is actually a real bear. This confrontation takes place on an island An Skellige in the northeastern part of the map. Head to the ring near Urialla Harbor when you’re ready.

As with most monsters, Parry is useless against Olaf. Geralt will need roll to dodge bear attacks, and try to get a few hits from behind. The window of time for this is short, as Geralt will need to roll (or step to the side if you dare) just before Olaf makes contact in order to dodge but stay within range to counterattack. Unlike other matches, Geralt can freely open his inventory during this fight, so be sure to prepare potions or decoctions that increase damage and restore strength.

This fight is also different from the others in that Geralt and Olaf will fight to the death instead of being knocked out. Yes, that’s right, win this fight and Geralt can say that he killed the bear with his bare hands.

Champions of Champions

If you thought fighting a bear with your bare hands was so wild, think again. The current champion of all three regions is – wait … rock troll. This confrontation takes place on an island Speaker at the arena in Hove.

It’s not as hard as it sounds to fight a stone troll with your bare hands. As with Olaf, Geralt can open your inventoryto apply different buff effects. The defending champion is also fairly easy to dodge, as he is a noble troll who only fights with his fists, not throwing rocks. The secret to defeating him is to dodge his short arm swing and get behind him.. Even though trolls are usually immune to attacks on their rock-hard backs, this troll is somehow vulnerable to bare fists in the same region.

Fight in Toussaint

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Toussaint also hosts a separate Fists of Fury competition. It consists of three qualifiers and a championship, although only one opponent fights in the traditional style.

Still Waters

Still Waters is the only traditional fist fighter of the three. Geralt can find this competitor in the Beauclair residential area near Mountbank Lane (near Orianna’s estate). The closest sign is the Metinna Gate.

Still Waters is not only a traditional fight, but an incredibly standard fistfight in every sense but one. You already know this exercise: parry, beat, beat, retreat, repeat. The twist comes after Steel Waters is released from his vow of knighthood and shows his face. And no, Still Waters doesn’t require you to pull out of the fight. Refreshing.


Colossus can be found in lower Beauclair area in San Sebastian.. It can be a traditional fistfight if you so desire. However, Colossus will offer to double Geralt’s original bet if the Witcher can parry three of his blows.

The rules are pretty simple. Geralt should parry, not block. This means that all the practice of distancing and timing is about to pay off. However, to win this bet, Geralt must remain on the defensive, without taking a single hit.


Geralt will find Mancomb in courtyard near the nilfgaardian embassy. This linguist prides himself on being a mocking champion rather than a real fight, meaning that Geralt will have to engage in a battle of wits, not brawn. To be honest, this is a fight that Buttercup would be a better fit for.

Never mind, it’s just a matter of keeping up with Mancomb’s rhymes. Geralt must choose your answers based on Mancomb’s last word of tauntsto win.


Maestro is the current champion of Toussaint. Geralt will find him at the Boclair docks near Beauclair port indicator. Although this is a regular fistfight, there is one caveat. The champion is drunk as hell and insists that Geralt should drink too.

It’s not that different from fighting sober, but keep in mind that Geralt’s depth perception is a little off, his stamina drops. a little faster, and his reaction time is a little blunted. This means you need stay closer to the enemy than usualbut Geralt will not be able to permanently block, and dodges or parries may be slightly delayed.

After becoming Bockler’s fisticuffs champion and taking on the rest of the continent and Skellige, Geralt achieved everything that could be achieved in his Fists of Fury career. But official championship fights aren’t the only possibility Geralt will be able to brush up on in hand-to-hand combat.

Fist fights included in other notable quests

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Geralt will have to decide whether to raise his fists in order to solve various issues both in the main plot of The Witcher 3 and in side quests. Here are some of the more noteworthy encounters where Geralt is likely to get into a fight.

Family Matters: Bloody Baron

This fight starts near the end of the Family Matters questline, after the fire in the Crow Bass cutscene, when Geralt confronts a drunken Philip Stranger about his wife and daughter being abused. Given that the Baron is a crazy mug, he is not the most worthy opponent. But after what Geralt has just discovered, the Witcher will gladly knock him over a bit.

Use the tips we talked about earlier in the article to evade the baron’s boorish attacks39

strong>. Despite his wild swings, the baron’s blows hit like sledgehammers if they hit, making it hard for Geralt to recover.

Of Swords And Dumplings: Sukrus

In the Master-Made Weapons quest, About Swords and Dumplings, Geralt will have to help wordsmith Hattori reopen his shop. Partly by keeping the chef safe, who is now making dumplings so he can get back to blacksmithing. This quest chain will eventually lead Geralt to Sukrus at the Golden Sturgeon, who, like many Skelligers, puts his fists before words.

In order to advance in negotiations with Sukrus, Geralt will have to first defeat him in a fistfight. Stay alert and Sukrus will drop a couple of well-placed punches easily enough.; while Geralt’s level is close to the recommended level for the quest.

The King is Dead – Long Live the King: Mad Lugos

The king is dead – long live the kingis the main quest in The Witcher 3 in which Geralt and Yennefer attend the wake of the recently deceased King Skellige Bran. Naturally, there will be many noble meetings at such a high-profile event, and the Skelligers conduct their business a little more abruptly than the royal families on the continent.

When the irascible Mad Lugos openly insults Yennefer during one of these encounters, Geralt can choose to defend his sorceress and challenge Lugos to a fistfight. However, Geralt should be careful not to lose his head in this matter, as Lugos is a skilled level 30 fighter and could well outdo Geralt in rough fistfights.

King’s Gambit: Wildcarl

In the King’s Gambit, Geralt will meet Hjalmar in the banquet hall of Kaer Trolde, where the Jarl’s son will try to bet on Geralt’s sword. Geralt may agree, in which case he will have to fight Wildcarl, or he may simply pay off Hjalmar and not risk losing his sword.

Like any proud Skelliger, Wildcarl can challenge the best of them, so if Geralt does take the bet, it’s not a bad idea to switch from an equipped sword to a sword. a piece of rubbish that he is ready to lose in advance. While Wildcarl is strong, Geralt can parry Skelliger’s attacks if he is on time. Give him space, wait for the right moment, then parry and strike.

By staying mostly on the defensive and timing his strikes accurately, Geralt can take down Wildcarl with a couple of punches. Geralt can also use the method of cornering him in the banquet hall to increase his chances.

The Play’s The Thing: Sofus The Bull & Hal

In The Play’s The Thing main quest, Geralt will be tasked with hiring helpers to keep order during the play. He is supposed to be attacking the Bull of Sophus, who could just pay 70 crowns to herald him himself. Otherwise, the two can make a deal where Geralt must prove himself in a one-on-two battle against Sophus and the other current champion, Hal.

The key here is to be sharp, patient, and above all, don’t let Sophus and Hal corner Geralt. Being on a pier with numerous barrels, boxes and other obstacles leaves Geralt with many traps in which he can get stuck.

The Witcher 3: Passage of the side quest “Fists of Fury”

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