The Witcher 4 or The Witcher Remake?

The Witcher 4 or The Witcher Remake?

The Witcher 4 was officially confirmed or rather: a new one The Witcher saga has been confirmed because it’s coming soon a whole trilogy. The fans are very happy to hear that, but it could still be a while before the time comes.

CD project explains that they don’t share specific details regarding the story, characters, mechanics and plot – but there will be a “new saga”.

Which game comes out first: The Witcher 4 or the remake?

What’s new? You have now come to an exciting detail regarding the new Witcher games expressed, which refers to the release date of two games.

Some considerations regarding the Release of the new parts digressed in the following direction: will the full The Witcher Remake come out before The Witcher 4? Maybe those responsible want to bridge a little time until the next main part can be continued?

But no, it won’t happen that way. In fact, it’s the other way around, with The Witcher 4 coming ahead of The Witcher Remake on the release schedule. Adam Kiciński, CD Projekt CEO explains it as follows:

“The Witcher Remake comes after Polaris (working title of The Witcher 4) which is a consequence of how we feel about this project. We think that Remake on a Polaris technical framework will exist.”

Therefore, the project is to be partially parallel to Polaris developed will. He further elaborates:

“Once Polaris comes out, everything for Polaris will be in final form and partially in [dem] Remake to be produced.”

And that’s a good sign, because we can expect The Witcher Remake to have that with a State-of-the-art engine is produced.

“The Witcher 4” is being developed with the Unreal Engine 5 and should certainly look great at launch if that Cyberpunk 2077 debacle not repeated.

The Witcher 4 & Remake: When is the release?

When will The Witcher 4 (Polaris) be released? But as far as the release is concerned, we will probably have to wait quite a long time for the remake. After all, the CD Projekt CEO has already confirmed that Polaris is not planning to released in 2025 becomes.

The new saga should appear with an interval of about 3 years. The Witcher 5 would therefore come in 2028 and The Witcher 6 in 2031 – what a number.

When is The Witcher Remake coming out? It’s unlikely to be released in the same year as The Witcher 4, although it would be largely produced in parallel.

However, it is conceivable that the launch will not be too far away. If we’re lucky have appears that Remake already 2026. And otherwise it will probably be more like 2027.

The Witcher 4 or The Witcher Remake?

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