Tinkaton Pokemon Scarlet and Violet not as effective against Corviknight as its Pokedex entry suggests

Tinkaton Pokemon Scarlet and Violet not as effective against Corviknight as its Pokedex entry suggests

Contrary to the Pokedex record, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tinkaton are not so much a bully as a bully when it comes to Corviknight.

Despite the popularity Pokemon Scarlet and Violet critters, Tinkaton has some funny Pokedex entries detailing how he taunts Corwinite in the wild, being defeated in combat by his nemesis rather handily. Even though he has the best typing of all Pokemon Scarlet and VioletTinkaton lacks the move pool and attack stats needed to cut through a defensively brilliant Pokemon like Corwicknight.

At the initial Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaks first surfaced online and revealed that the franchise would be getting another Fairy Steel dual-type Pokémon, excitement quickly began to build. This dual type is arguably the strongest the franchise has to offer, and many believe that Zacian’s position as the single strongest Pokémon is partly due to this same type. As a result, many players fell in love with the concept of Tinkaton even before they first saw it, although in the first weeks Pokemon Scarlet and Violet it certainly drew a lot of love as it boasts a great design.

Tinkaton may just be the biggest bully among pokemonfranchise by using his massive hammer to throw rocks at the flying Corvikknight and thus single-handedly preventing the flying taxi service from operating throughout Paldea. However, Reddit Plus user-Elk-3938 ran down the numbers and created an infographic explaining how, unlike his Pokedex entry, Tinkaton can’t actually intimidate Corwickknight in combat – and is in fact completely surrounded by him.

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Tinkaton has two main issues preventing him from defeating Corviknight in combat, the first of which is his lackluster stats that prevent him from being one of the strongest. Pokémon Scarlet and Violetsteel types. Players should not be fooled by the massive hammer – Tinkaton actually has lower attack stats than Corviknight’s own attack and defense. Corviknight is a defensive powerhouse that’s been a staple of the competitive scene for years, so any Pokemon looking to defeat it must hit it hard and deal super-efficient damage, which Tinkaton can’t do either. In fact, Corwicknight can generally hit back harder than Tinkaton, who doesn’t have a single move that can hit Corwickknight super effectively. Due to his average attack stat, even Tinkaton, who has maxed out his attack with Sword Dance, cannot kill a nested Corvikknight in one hit. Corviknight can also stop Tinkaton from setting up by first using taunt and then healing all the damage with Rust while turning his amazing defensive stats into a strong offense with Iron Guard and Body Press.

Although Tinkaton quickly became a fan favorite in Pokemon Scarlet and Violetplayers hope future generations or DLC rumors for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet give him access. to moves like Smack Down, Earthquake, and hammer-based elemental moves, all of which will help him hit Corviknight harder and better fulfill his role as a bird bully rather than just another victim.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Tinkaton Pokemon Scarlet and Violet not as effective against Corviknight as its Pokedex entry suggests

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