Top 10 Rarest Mounts in World of Warcraft

Top 10 Rarest Mounts in World of Warcraft

With the start of dragonflight, World of Warcraft now has over 1,000 mounts for you to collect, ride, and display to everyone in your faction’s capital. While some mounts are standard enough to be rarer for a player Not To have one, there are some in the game owned by only a few elites. This can be due to the amount of dedication/skill required to obtain them, limited availability, or a mix of both. Only what are the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft?

The rarest retail mounts in World of Warcraft

Below is a list of Top ten rarest mounts in World of Warcraft. Due to the nature of certain mounts, some have been grouped to prevent the list from being unfair, such as: B. Mounts tied to the same achievements or titles. Rarity is determined by how many players actively own a given mount and is based on numbers provided by Data for Azeroth.

#10 – Corrupted Hippogryph

In the now discontinued World of Warcraft trading card game, certain cards came in booster packs with codes that could be redeemed in-game for exclusive rewards. That Corrupt Hippogryph was included in a rare card of the same name crown of heaven Extension. The card with an unredeemed code costs about $800. Like most other TCG mounts, the Corrupt Hippogryph can still be bought and sold on the auction house.

#9 – Black Proto-Drake

Raider Glory Achievements require the player to complete a collection of unique achievements associated with a raid and reward a mount upon completion. Most glory Achievements remain available permanently and become easier later on as the level cap increases with each expansion. The exception to this, however, is the Heroic: Glory of the Raider A performance that is and was the first of its kind removed at the release of the next WoTLK raid, Ulduar. Players who managed to earn this tricky achievement in the few months that it was available were awarded Renown Black Proto-Dragon. While many Wrath of the Lich King Awards in different colors Proto-Drakesflying on the back of a black man was a true sign of dedication to hardcore raiding.

#8 – Prestigious Bloodforged Courser

That Prestigious Bloodforged Courser will be awarded to players who earn Honor level 500 As a horde Player; an achievement that lasts several years of grinding player versus player Contents. Due to the sheer amount of time and sanding required for this mount, as well as the model of the mount not being particularly distinctive, the Prestigious Bloodforged Courser is currently the rarest mount in the game, that is yet to earn.

#7 – X-51 Nether Missile

That X-51 Nether Missile map from the Servant of the Traitor The expansion had an approximate rarity of 1/363 and contained a code for two mounts; the X-51 Nether Missile himself and his epic counterpart, X-51 Nether Rocket EXTREME. The card itself is rarely sold online, but the code itself costs approximately $300-$350. Due to the X-51 Nether Rocket EXTREME be available in the Black market containers booty basin, the X-51 Nether Missile remains much rarer than its epic version.

#6 – White Riding Camel

Other World of Warcraft trading card game mount that White riding camel is currently the second rarest TCG mount. It was available through the white camel map from the Tomb of the Forgotten Expansion and now selling for an average of $500. Like most other TCG mounts, the White riding camel can be bought and sold auction house for a handsome sum of gold.

#5 – Swift Coast Strider

Although not the rarest Map of the World of Warcraft trading card gameThat Fast Coast Strider stays the rarest TCG mount, probably due to its basic look and non-unique model. That Wasteland Grand Strider map from the Throne of the Tides Extension sells for around $530; a surprisingly small amount given its rarity. Along with other Strider mounts, the model is for the Fast Coast Strider received a high definition update in 2018 Patch 8.1. Since this mount can still be traded and sold in-game, the Fast Coast Strider is also the rarest mount currently available.

#4 – Black/White Crusader’s Warhorse

Crusader’s Black/White Warhorse – Black for Horde, White for Alliance – was awarded to players who deserved it A tribute to the achievement of immortality before the release of catastrophe Extension. This required the player to delete that Trial of the Great Crusader Raid in Heroic 25 man mode without a single player dying once.

If a member of your raid group dies once, no player can earn the achievement during that raid attempt. This combined with this achievement requiring the highest possible difficulty made earning the Black or White Warhorse an almost impossible task. While things got easier after the release of something Icecrown Citadel Due to the availability of better gear, many guilds had already backed away from their attempts, not believing it was worth completing.

#3 – Black Qiraji Battle/War Tank

before Ahn’Qiraj‘s release in vanilla World of Warcraftit takes one player on each realm to craft them Scepter of the Quicksands – an incredibly difficult task that is only done by the top guilds on the server – too hit the gong and open the raid to all other players on the server. The player who struck the gong, as well as every other player within 10 hours, received the Scarab Lord title and Black Qiraji Main Battle TankWorld of Warcraft is only Legendary mount.

Due to the meager time limit and the sheer difficulty of earning them Scarab Lord title, the Black Qiraji Main Battle Tank remains one of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft and an incredibly rare location. In 2018, players with the Scarab Lord titles were awarded Another mount that Black Qiraji Warshell, which was a high definition remake of the original. This remains due to the somewhat rarer Scarab Lords who stopped playing the game over thirteen years later.

#2 – Gladiator Mounts

Each World of Warcraft PvP season rewards players who achieve this gladiator Title with an exclusive mount. Reach gladiatorAt the end of the season, the player’s arena group must be in the top 0.5% of the arena leaders with at least 50 games won – an incredibly difficult task.

That Malevolent Gladiator’s Cloud Serpent, awarded in Season 12, is currently tracked as the rarest as only 0.0193% of tracked accounts have one. Each expansion has a specific creature chosen for gladiator mounts, with the title preceded by an adjective that corresponds to the season in which it was earned.

  • The Burning Crusade (Seasons 1-4). Quickly, mercilessly, Vindictiveand Brutally Nether Drake.
  • Wrath of the Lich King (seasons 5-8). Deadly, Angry, relentlessand Angry Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm.
  • Cataclysm (seasons 9-11). malicious, recklessand Catastrophic Gladiator’s Twilight Dragon.
  • Mists of Pandaria (seasons 12-15). Malicious, tyrannical, Terribleand Proud Gladiator’s Cloud Serpent.
  • Warlords of Draenor (Warlords Seasons 1-3). Original, wildand Heat Gladiator’s Furblood Gronnling.
  • Legion (Legion Seasons 1-7). Vindictive, Fearless, Horrible, Wild, bitter, Dominantand Demonic gladiators storm dragon.
  • Battle for Azeroth (BfA Seasons 1-4) had fear, Creepy, Notoriousand Damaged Gladiator’s Proto-Drake.
  • Shadowlands (Shadowlands Seasons 1-4) had Sinful, unleashed, Cosmicand Eternal Gladiator’s Soul Eater.

#1 – Black Ram (And Other Old School Mounts)

The rarest mount in World of Warcraft is the Black Arieswhich is currently owned by around 0.0043% of accounts. When World of Warcraft was first released, it was very unusual for a player to own one epic mountain due to the sheer amount of gold required to purchase both the mount and the Training required to drive it. While epic mounts were the fastest mounts available at the time, their models were simple recolors of regular racial mounts.

in the Patch 1.4five months after the release of the game, Blizzard replaced the epic mounts with fancier versions for every race except undead, and offered a free swap for players who owned the originals. Players who declined the trade now own the rarest mounts in the game. As of October 14, 2008, players who own any of the original epic mounts will receive the Old school ride tour de force

The full list of epic Old School Ride mounts includes:

  • Black Aries (Dwarf)
  • Frost Aries (Dwarf)
  • Ice Blue Mechano Strider Mod A (Dwarf)
  • White Mechano Strider Mod B (Dwarf)
  • palomino (Human)
  • white stallion (Human)
  • Ancient Frostsaber (night elf)
  • night saber (night elf)
  • arctic wolf (orc)
  • red wolf (orc)
  • Green Kodo (tauren)
  • Teal Kodo (tauren)
  • Ivory Raptor (troll)
  • Speckled Red Raptor (troll)

World of Warcraft dragonflight is available for PC through Blizzard’s

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Top 10 Rarest Mounts in World of Warcraft

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