Twitch introduces Shield Mode against hate raids and co

Twitch introduces Shield Mode against hate raids and co

Twitter quits with the Shield Mode a way for streamers to better protect their own channel within a very short time. The mode can be adapted in detail to your own needs and then switched on and off at the push of a button if it is needed. Twitch mainly wants to counter hate raids and harassment.

Twitch announces Shield Mode, it can

That’s what it’s about: Twitch, for example, is under the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter been criticized for some time for having their own content creators too few options for self-protection and to provide help.

Now there is a methodwhich is supposed to change that: Anyone who becomes the target of concentrated bot attacks and trolls or so-called hate raids can initiate safety measures at the push of a buttonwhich fend off something like this: The Shield Mode.

Shield Mode is similar the one designed by some Twitch streamers themselves Panic button and works pretty much like this. Except that it doesn’t come from the community, but from the platform actually responsible.

How it works: Shield Mode is mainly used to various Switch security measures on and off together to be able to What these are in detail can be adjusted. When a channel enters Protected Shield Mode, the desired items are activated at once.

For example, with the Shield Mode en masse users blocked at once or no new user is allowed to write anything in the channel chat anymore, certain phrases lead to a ban and so forth. This can increase security for a short time, but can then be switched off again if the attack is over.

Hopefully this will lead to more balance: While there are already security measures (such as linking the chat to a phone number verification), the often prevent smaller canals from growing. This can be avoided with temporary, comprehensive security measures that are only put into effect when the streamers really need them.

The new possibility should especially welcome to BIPOC and LGBTQIA* streamers who are regularly and most often the target of such attacks.

When does it start? The shield mode should from today, December 1, 2022 can be used. More information can be found on the official Twitch page.

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Twitch introduces Shield Mode against hate raids and co

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