Two Point Breaking Point Campus Guide

Two Point Breaking Point Campus Guide

The Two Point Campus offers you a variety of campuses, each with a different perspective and scope for expansion. However, the eleventh campus in the game – Breaking Point – is a unique case.

Unlike the rest of the campuses, Breaking Point is basically a party school that the Department of Education is not very interested in.

In such a situation, you will not have the funds to build a good campus. There are many factors at work on this campus that are different from any of the previous campuses.

In this guide, we will learn more about the Breaking Point Campus at the Two Point Campus.

How to unlock break point

Breaking Point is the eleventh campus at Two Point Campus. The unlock requirements for this campus are pretty much the same as for the rest.

To unlock the Breaking Point Campus, you must achieve a 1-star rating on both the Pebberley Ruins Campus and the Upper Etching Campus.

However, the way this campus operates is different from others. You’re being told that the Two Point Department of Education stopped funding this campus because it wasn’t impressed with it, considering it was basically a party school.

However, you start with an almost empty account. Also, without funding, the only way to make money for this campus is by the students themselves.

Getting money for the Breaking Point campus depends on the happiness of its students. If students are at a higher level of happiness, they will agree to pay out of pocket for your cause.

Because you don’t receive tuition fees or XP bonuses, managing your students’ happiness becomes a major factor if you want to keep the campus going.

Tipping point courses

Since the Department of Education has ceased interest in the Breaking Point campus, therefore, no new courses are open to it.

On the other hand, you have the option to choose any of the courses that you like. You must choose 2 from all available courses.

Whichever course you choose will have a big impact on your campus. You must keep in mind that the only of funding you have is students and their happiness.

Given this, you won’t have the money to buy more land. Consequently, courses such as archeology or academic exercises that require a large space for their classrooms are difficult to manage.

Instead, it would be better to choose courses that require less land and are cheaper to run, such as Internet history courses or the School of Thought.

Breaking Point Star Rating: Goals and Rewards

During your stay on the Breaking Point campus, you will be given certain tasks to complete in order to increase the campus ranking.

There are three milestones or stars in this. Each star will have a different set of goals and therefore the rewards you receive for them, each of which increases with the next star level.

Let’s look at the goals of each star that the game puts you on.

Campus Goals 1 Star

Below is a list of goals you must complete in order to receive the first star for your campus:

  • 150 students attend Beach-a-Palooza events.
  • Average grade B+
  • Develop 15 new novels
  • Campus level 12

The rewards you get for the first star are as follows:

  • New Campus – Two Point University
  • New Item – Oatmeal
  • $100,000 and 100 Kudosh

Campus Goals 2 Stars

Below is a list of goals you must complete in order to achieve a second star for your campus:

  • Average student fun 75%
  • Four level 5 clubs
  • 50 level 14 students
  • Break Point Beach Level 8

The rewards you receive for the second star are as follows:

  • New Item – Curved Palm Tree
  • $20,000 and 150 Kudosh

Campus Goals 3 Stars

Below is a list of goals you must complete in order to achieve a third star for your campus:

  • Level 25 Campus
  • 500 students attend Beach-a-Palooza events.
  • 100 honors graduates
  • Earn $3,000,000

The rewards you receive for the second star are as follows:

  • New Item – Green Palm
  • $30,000 and 200 Kudosh

Two Point Breaking Point Campus Guide

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