Unlock Pokemon Crimson Crimson Surfer Swimming - Unlock Pokemon Crimson & Crimson Surfer (Swimming)

Unlock Pokemon Crimson & Crimson Surfer (Swimming)

How to unlock the “Surfer” ability in new Pokemon Crimson and Crimson? When can you swim and explore the waters of the game? During the game, this can be the question asked by one or another player who, for example, wants to cross a river or go to a small island surrounded by water. In this guide, we’ll show you how to teach your mount to swim and how to use it to cross water.

Unlock Swimming: Wave Rider Riding Technique

In both new Pokemon games, you get the Legendary Pokemon Koraidon or Miraidon (depending on whether you’re playing Crimson or Crimson) right from the start and this doubles as a mount, among other things. At first you can only ride the Pokémon, later you can unlock more skills and, among other things, run, fly and swim faster. Although there is no longer a TM surfer in Pokémon Crimson & Crimson, the ability can be unlocked through the legendary path.

From level 18 to level 20, you can head to the west of the Paldea region and there you will meet Adebom, the ruler of the vast sky. After defeating the giant swan, you will not only get a secret bitter spice but also unlock another ability and that is the Wave Riding technique. “Wave riding” is comparable to “surfing” from older Pokemon editions and now you can swim or rather drive on water with the mount. To swim, simply mount the mount and ride or jump in the water. Then you can navigate the rivers and lakes and explore, among other things, the islands in the northwest of the Paldea region, which you did not have access to before.

Unlock Pokemon Crimson Crimson Surfer Swimming - Unlock Pokemon Crimson & Crimson Surfer (Swimming)

Unfortunately you can only swim and NOT dive with the wave surfing technique. So there is no way to explore the underwater world of Pokemon Crimson and Crimson.

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