Update 1.07 brings new features on November 21st

Update 1.07 brings new features on November 21st

World Builder developers are bringing us some new features for Construction Simulator today. You can find out exactly what the patch includes in the November 21 patch notes below.

Update 105 brings us another hotfix - Update 1.07 brings new features on November 21st

After the “construction simulator“ was launched at the end of September, there were one or the other error in the game. A new update has now been provided to bring further improvements and enable smoother play.

The new “Construction Simulator Update 1.07‘ is now available for download for PC users and console owners. The file size of the download is 642 MB on Steam. How big the patch file is on Xbox or PlayStation we can’t tell at the moment.

Construction Simulator Update 1.07 Patch Notes

New properties

  • Added Chinese voice acting to dialogs
  • It is now possible to skip the time, an option has been added.
  • Added dead zone settings for controllers and joysticks

Bug fixes and game improvements

  • Balancing adjustments: Jobs that are played “hard” in the job scope are now more demanding
  • Improved free button mapping for controllers and joysticks
  • Improved Design View performance
  • Improved handling for keyboard users, additional input and sensitivity settings for digital axes
  • Jobs have been improved and various bugs have been fixed
  • Fix mobile excavator inverted boom
  • Fixed activation of some achievements
  • Localization update and fixes
  • Fixed some crash events
  • Fixed some issues that could lead to crashes
  • General bug fixes and improvements

We got our information about the patch from the official game site. The building sim was released on September 22nd for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

You can find more news about the game right here.

Update 1.07 brings new features on November 21st

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