Victoria 3 The best regions to colonize - Victoria 3: The best regions to colonize

Victoria 3: The best regions to colonize

Victoria 3: The best regions to colonize

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Victoria 3 – There are many places in Africa to colonize © Paradox Interactive

In the strategy game Victoria 3 you take over the leadership of a country that you can expand through colonization. Here are the best regions to colonize.

Victoria 3 The best regions to colonize - Victoria 3: The best regions to colonizeIn Victoria 3 you experience what it was like to lead a country in the Victorian era, starting in 1836 and ending 100 years later. It’s a strategy game in which you manage the pops (population) that live in the country. The Pops offer a realistic simulation of an ever-changing society. It is possible to create alternate timelines where nothing matches the story as written. The choice of government, laws and progress determines the direction in which society develops.

An option for expansion in Victoria 3 is colonization. Here the advantages of the decentralized nations can be used and the colonization can be advanced. In this way one can gain a foothold economically and politically in foreign countries. Colonies also offer the advantage of natural res not otherwise available, such as coffee or dye, and discourage rivals from gaining political advantage. Those who know the best options for colonization will make a great contribution to the successful construction of their own kingdom.

Where is the best place to colonize in Victoria 3

West and North Africa

The western and northern part of Africa is a very desirable destination for those starting with a European country. Not only are they a target for colonization, but many will take the opportunity to conquer nations here. These decentralized nations tend to be high in pops and offer excellent res necessary for progression in the game, making them a must-have for any growing nation.

Colonizing these regions gives access to things like cotton, tea, sugar, tobacco, and dyes. Also, this region is rich in rubber, which is essential for advancing in the game. At the beginning of the game, this is a preferred target for colonization, so you have to act quickly if you want to settle here. Many of the decentralized nations in this region carry the trait Malaria or Severe Malaria. Without research into quinine and malaria prevention, these states cannot be settled, which entails a considerable investment of time. Don’t be put off by this, however, as the rewards are plentiful and very useful.

East Africa

East Africa is a relatively easy region to colonize as there is little competition for the decentralized nations. However, as part of Africa, they are susceptible to malaria or severe malaria. Therefore, it is also necessary here to research quinine and malaria prevention before one can colonize. But the rewards are worth the long wait.

Res such as sugar, tea, tobacco, cotton and dyes are plentiful. In addition, Africa is a rich of rubber, an important material for progress. Despite the need to do research before colonizing, these decentralized nations are easy to conquer as they are not surrounded by competition. They are a great prospect for those just starting out in leading European nations.


Colonizing Oceania should be relatively easy. It is considered a low priority objective that is easy to capture. Australia is primarily British owned. However, Western Australia and many of the surrounding islands are available from the start of the game. These decentralized nations are a great addition to any country’s economy as they bring additional ports that boost trade. As trade increases, the country becomes more profitable, and chances are the populace will be happier.

Japan and the United Kingdom are excellent countries if you want to colonize this place. In the case of Japan, one should first colonize the rest of the area around the country and then advance to the southern part of New Zealand. The UK already owns most of Australia, so it makes sense with this country to continue colonizing.

Southern tip of South America

South America offers excellent res that you will need at some point. In particular, the decentralized nations around the southern tip of the continent are where to focus. There are many gold and sulfur mines in these areas. Once under control, they can be quickly upgraded to make the country more prosperous. In particular, sulfur can be used to create fertilizers to improve crops or to create explosives to improve mining.

According to the story, one should opt for Spain decide, which is excellently suited as a conquering nation for South America right from the start. However, there is no need to stick to the story as you are free to create your own alternate realities. Brazil, which lies directly in South America, is an ideal candidate for colonizing the southernmost part of the continent once it gets its own wars under control. Spreading its influence across the vast territory makes sense and allows Brazil to emerge as a powerhouse with many res.

by Torge Christiansen

Victoria 3: The best regions to colonize

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