War Robots: Frontiers gets a first update

War Robots: Frontiers gets a first update

MY.GAMES et Pixonic announced that War Robots: Frontiers is entitled to a first update.

War Robots: Frontiers is an all-new game, designed from the ground up for modern PCs and consoles using the Unreal Engine 5. It features intense, tactical skirmishes featuring huge, fully customizable robots. The game has been available for early access since November and is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC at a later date.

This update contains two new robots, three new weapon systems and two new abilities. There are millions of combinations for players to discover in the hangar, and more will be added to the game over future updates.

The two new robots, the Griffon and the Typhon, were designed to disrupt other people’s navigational devices. The Griffon uses a system of radar and optical interference so that the cameras of the adversaries are disturbed by static electricity, thus making aiming much more difficult. The Typhon, on the other hand, is capable of damaging the systems of three enemies at once, making it a great machine for teamfights.

New weapon systems – Halo, Pulsar, and Gozer – push the boundaries of military technology even further. Halo weapons are great for hitting multiple targets, while Pulsars are mid-range energy cannons. Gozer weapons will behave differently depending on the number of weapons installed on the robot.

Finally, two new abilities help avoid confrontation: the Smoke Wall, which obstructs enemy vision, is suitable for stealthy players, and the Force Field, which provides deployable cover for players looking to control the enemy. battlefield. The update also enriches the tutorial and the interface of the hangar.

This is the first of many updates planned during the Early Access period. The developers have indicated that they want players to get a taste of the game so that they can take their feedback into account during development. Future updates will contain new maps, new modes, new weapons, and new abilities. Graphical improvements, balance changes, and technical refinement are also planned ahead of the game’s launch.

Pioneer Packs are available now for purchase on Steam as well as on the game’s official website. A Pioneer Pack contains not only access to the game but also items to use. Pioneers will be able to participate in the development of the game, try new features in preview and help the developers by sending them their comments and suggestions. After Early Access, the game will become free-to-play when it launches in 2023.

War Robots: Frontiers gets a first update

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