We know the release date and time of the Tim Burton series worn by Jenna Ortega!

We know the release date and time of the Tim Burton series worn by Jenna Ortega!

Update 09/23/2022: It’s official the Wednesday series (on Wednesday Addams) will be released on Wednesday November 23, 2022 at 9:01 a.m.!
The platform of streaming also took the opportunity to publish the official poster on social networks

Tim Burtonthe creator of “Beetlejuice “or even of”The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack” has been fomenting a demonic plan in collaboration with Netflix for some time now! Indeed, he is preparing a live-action series (which will also be his first series) around one of the well-known members of the Adams family: Wednesday Addams!

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Named “Wednesday” this series composed of 8 episodes will see Wednesday Addams considerably grown: having become a teenager, she is now a student at the Nevermore Academy. This new adventure, which will obviously be imbued with fantasy, promises to be quite crazy. And if for now, no broadcast date has been revealed, the streaming platform is slowly starting to show its credentials (not to say THE THING) in a first teaser subtitled by a first warning “a great terror is approaching”.

An investigation series steeped in mystery and the supernatural

We tell you more in this official synopsis which should make your mouth water even more

Wednesday Addams is now a student at the very special Nevermore Academy, led with an iron fist by Larissa Weems, sworn enemy of her mother Morticia Addams. The young girl discovers amazing psychic abilities there and tries at the same time to adapt to the other students. After a series of murders that terrorizes the city, Mercredi decides to investigate.

The famous director will also officiate as executive producer. A Christina Ricci will succeed Jenna Ortega (from the You series): she will play the famous young girl with ebony hair and a pale complexion. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán will take on the role of parents, Morticia and Gomez Addams, respectively.

For the most impatient, the first images have just been unveiled during Geeked Weeked, a virtual event that brings together all Netflix fans.

See you tomorrow, Thursday August 17, on the networks, where a first teaser awaits you:

The trailer has just been published, discover it without further delay!

We know the release date and time of the Tim Burton series worn by Jenna Ortega!

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