Wednesday: this Romanian magician who plays The Thing in the Netflix series

Wednesday: this Romanian magician who plays The Thing in the Netflix series

Yes, there is indeed a flesh and blood actor at the end of the wrist…

He or she would almost steal the show Jenna Ortega ! Always by the side of Wednesday in the Netflix series, The Thing takes on an astonishing scale as the episodes progress, both the young girl’s confidant and a major player in the events that take place in Nevermore. More than in the movies The Addams Family where he lived a secondary servant, The Thing of Wednesday takes shape in this new version.

And it’s not for nothing if we believe the showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. In Variety, they reveal that behind this hand is actually a real actor: “He’s a Romanian magician who does card tricks, basically. He has incredible dexterity…”

“When we were developing the show, it was in the script. The Thing is so unique to The Addams Family that we thought we absolutely had to explore that character on the show. After that, it’s easy to write him on the paper, but to translate that to the screen, we needed someone and we found an actor who is also a magician…”

The two creators of the series thus confide to having “did a lot of auditions to find Hands. Tim Burton was very, very involved in the process. He was obsessed with The Thing…” And that’s how Victor Dorobantu landed the role.

On Instagram, Victor Dorobantu unveils incredible photos from the set of Wednesday, in which we see him fully dressed in blue, from head to toe, spinning alongside Jenna Ortega. Only his hand protrudes and the rest of his whole body will be digitally erased in post-production…

“We spent a lot of time rehearsing and learning sign language with our visual effects supervisor. In our studio, they actually had an old Romanian puppet theater from Romanian TV shows with puppets. And so they were rehearsing in this puppet theater and came back with a demo video… Anyway, so it was really complex to put together, but intentionally, we wanted it to look weirdly complex and real. Thing generates emotion and in the wrong hands it could have been incredibly cheesy… But here I think it really works because of Jenna’s performance, and because you really believe in that moment that The Thing is a sentient being, with feelings.”

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