What is Rogue Heroes, the new series from the creator of Peaky Blinders worth? (critical)

What is Rogue Heroes, the new series from the creator of Peaky Blinders worth? (critical)

Steven Knight tackles the incredible story of an English commando during the Second World War by betting everything on fun. To see this evening on Canal +.

Leaving Birmingham, the creator of Peaky Blinders adapts theorigin story SAS, a shadow regiment of British special forces created to influence the course of the Second World War in North Africa. The undertaking was not easy, if we are to believe Ben Macintyreauthor of the book on which the series is based and who has made a specialty of anecdotes of senseless military operations (see the recent Cunning). The showrunner chooses the madness of the story as a guideline. Rogue Heroes is indeed a Steven Knight series, with its romantic story carried by an anachronistic soundtrack.

Doped with punk and hard rock, she dynamites the war fresco to the tunes of Navarone Cannons, that the distortion of facts in joy and gladness brings so manyInglourious Basterds. But if fiction is primarily a matter of a battalion of hotheads with unpredictable characters, their characterization, artificially pushed by a curious editing, patina.

It is the various military operations that cement the plot and ensure the spectacle. You have to wait to get into the hard stuff to appreciate the dynamics between these antiheroes, colorful spooks carried by a reinforced concrete cast: Alfie Allen, Dominic West or Connor Swindells. If the series is renewed, the many operations in which the SAS took part will give it the opportunity to further polish its weapons. Unless it serves as practice for the film project Peaky Blindersscheduled to take place during the same period.

Rogue Heroes, in 6 episodes, to see from Thursday December 1 on Canal +.

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