what is this psychological thriller currently hitting Netflix? (+ notice)

what is this psychological thriller currently hitting Netflix? (+ notice)

After being broadcast on Arte TV until November 26 and attracting more than 500,000 viewers, The patient has now taken up winter quarters on Netflix; the opportunity for this French psychoanalytical drama to breathe new life and gain a wider audience, going beyond the borders of France.

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Worn by About Txomin Verge who gives us here a breathtaking performance and realized Christophe Charrier to whom we owe the TV movie Jonas, this 1h32 feature film imbued with horror has captivated the subscribers of the American firm from the first hours of its online release. So what is this new nugget made in France about? Is she worth a look? Answer in this article!

What is “The Patient” about? (Synopsis, trailer, cast)

Inspired by the eponymous graphic novel by Timothy Le Boucher published in April 2019 by Glénat, The patient plunges us into the confines of the human mind. A bit like Jessica Biel in season 1 of The Sinner, Thomas, is a young boy of 19, who is the only one to hold the key to his past. After three years in a coma, he wakes up and learns that his whole family has been massacred and that his sister is missing, he is the only survivor who can know what happened.

To pick up the pieces of his traumatic past and find a clue, a memory that could help find his sister, he gets help from a psychologist, Anna Kiefer (camped by Clotilde Hesme).

What is the release date for “The Patient”?

The patient is available on Netflix from Friday, November 25, 2022. On the same day, subscribers to the platform of streaming were also able to resume season 3 of the South African detective series Blood and Water.

What do Internet users think of “The Patient”?

Barely released that already the film camped the eighth position of the most popular films on Netflix. The patient also seems to have succeeded in its international export. According Flixpatrolhe would occupy the seventh position of the world 1op 10.

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what is this psychological thriller currently hitting Netflix? (+ notice)

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