what Netflix has in store for you this year!

what Netflix has in store for you this year!

Since the platform streaming was born in France, it has continued to grow, both in terms of its number of subscribers and its content offer! The year 2023, like the year 2022, will therefore naturally be rich in original productions stamped with the famous red N.

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In addition to new series and new seasons, Netflix will also be rewarding us with new feature films of which we are already offering you a first glimpse. (This non-exhaustive list is likely to be modified according to the information that will be brought to our attention) Action with the highly anticipated sequel d’Extraction with Chris Hemsworth and The Mother with Jennifer Lopez, great cinema with The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, Wes Anderson’s next fantasy film with Damselinspiring stories with Maestroa biopic directed by Bradley Cooper and dedicated to Leonard Bernstein.

This list is not exhaustive but will be updated very regularly: remember to consult it as many times as necessary 😉

Movies available in January 2023 on Netflix

Movies available in March 2023 on Netflix

  • Luther (Feature adaptation of the series with Idris Elba)

Movies available in May 2023 on Netflix

  • The Mother (with Jennifer Lopez)

Upcoming dates

  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Aka (with Alban Lenoir)
  • Extraction 2
  • The great odalisque (by and with Mélanie Laurent)
  • Damsel (with Millie Bobby Brown)
  • Commuter 2
  • The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (par Wes Anderson avec Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Patel, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley et Rupert Friend)
  • Pain Hustlers
  • Heart of stone (by Tom Harper, with Gal Gadot)
  • Leave the world behind (by Sam Esmail with Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myha’la Herrold, Kevin Bacon and Farrah Mackenzie)
  • The Killer (by David Fincher)
  • Rebel Moon (couple Zack Snyder)
  • Maestro (par Bradley Cooper)
  • Chicken Run : down of the nugget

what Netflix has in store for you this year!

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