7 vs. Wild Staffel 2 - Teilnehmer Nummer 6

What reaction streamers are there? Where can I look?

What reaction streamers are there? Where can I look?

The large scale youtube survival series 7 vs Wild by Fritz Meinecke caused a stir. No wonder too many other youtubers react to it. In addition to participants let it go outsiders too not take to comment on what is happening.

We’ll give you one Overview of the various Youtubersshow you where to find them and what reactions you can expect.

Reactions of the participants

Of course it’s very exciting reactions from the participants themselves, since they can report directly how they experienced what was shown and us background info can give to the events that were not directly recorded or edited out.

To the list of responding Subscriber Channels belong:

Sascha Huber reacts: Sascha reacts very directly and with his very own sense of humour. He also takes a clear position on fake allegations in his videos.

Under innovative you will find Nova’s reactions. She also likes to react to other reactions – so you can get the full load of ReactionCeption here.

Also OttoBulletproof is of course at the start, who reports in great detail on his experiences and tells of his assessment of decisions and possible wrong decisions.

No one will be surprised that also screamer Knossi has to give up his two cents. As usual, his reactions are extremely loud. On the other hand, he also gives insights into why he really enjoyed the media seclusion after the tough start.

Of course, the organizer has a slightly different perspective on what is happening Fritz Meineke. Similar to Otto, he reacts in great detail, analyzes and gives subject-specific background information based on his survival experience.

Joris reports a little calmer than Knossi and Fritz, but with his very own charm and humor.

Outdoor Sabrina has not yet reacted directly to the current episodes, but rather to the preparations for them.

Comments from the margin

We know it from football the best way to comment on what is happening is from the edge of the game. times with more mostly with less expertise, but that doesn’t make the reactions any less entertaining. We have put together some of our favorites for you here:

  • Montana Black becomes a natural scientist and comments on the survival show in a classic manner with amusement.
  • Also Un has already gained some survival experience in virtual worlds, which he is happy to share with the world.
  • Rezo doesn’t need to be introduced. He is also up for it and shares the shock of the first shark sighting with Nova.
  • Concentrated expertise is available from Biologist Robert Marc Lehmann. He is enthusiastic about the format, but shocked by the mountains of rubbish.

Have we forgotten? Let us know in the comments.

By the way, there is a particularly fun homage to the series by Tim Jacken, which we don’t want to withhold from you at this point.

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What reaction streamers are there? Where can I look?

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