7 vs. Wild Folge 6 Krokodil

Who shares their spot with a crocodile?

Who shares their spot with a crocodile?

The gripping intro music announces it: Episode 6 of 7 vs Wild Panama is online. The second day comes to an end. She’s right wet night heralds the third day at dawn. However, everything that happened was from the Sighting of a crocodile eclipsed. Who must with this neighbors live?

What happened on day two and three?

The rest of the second day was used by some to visit the challenges to try. You can see the results in read this updated post. Because of the rain many have crept into their shelters or otherwise saved themselves to dry land.

Fritz now has one floating bedKnossi would actually have to take care of one roof take care and Nova did once “tactically howled”to have a clear head afterwards. Otto does it heat hard to do, Sabrina is happy for hers because of the rain semi-enclosed sleeping place.

Sascha still feels relatively bad. In addition, he tries his hand at the challenge and cuts his finger. Although he is able to stop the bleeding, he must continue to monitor how the injury develops.

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Joris: Driftwood or a crocodile?

It is the evening of the second day. Joris stands on his beach and watches driftwood, which is moving suspiciously fast. When it’s the changes directionhe is sure: That must be a crocodile! In between euphoria and a fair amount of respect swayinghe tries to make his shelter safer to the best of his knowledge and belief.

The next morning he makes it Footage of the reptile close. It’s hard to see what’s swimming in the water on the camera. That it is a crocodile, however, is most likely.

How would you have reacted?, if you had seen a crocodile at your spot? Write it to us in the Comments!

Who shares their spot with a crocodile?

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