Why do cats massage? Womiraz

Why do cats massage? Womiraz

Cats massage for many reasons. Their application is similar to the dough kneading process. For this reason, it is also called the kneading movement in cats. It is quite enjoyable to watch the massage movements. Even though their every move is enough to amuse us, those with compassion and love have a special place. In addition to these, watching live documentaries every day as a cat owner and witnessing many scientific things excites us. And when it comes to cats, it is impossible to know what you will experience in a few minutes.

Reasons for kneading in cats

If you have a cat, you’ve probably seen its paws moving rhythmically, massaging it on a soft surface. You may have even noticed some drooling during this activity. Kneading is a normal behavior of cats and they do it for a variety of reasons. Here are the reasons and much more…

Milk increase support

Cats massage their mothers to increase milk supply. We can also call this situation kneading. Some cat owners associate the practice with filing nails. Therefore, they may consider the scratching board as inadequate. However, massage is a natural behavior for cats and it is innate. Massaging together with milk increase support has many mutual benefits for cats.

  • While kittens suckle, they knead their mothers’ nipples to stimulate milk production. Even if their mother does not have milk, they can run to the mother and continue to knead for comfort and to fill their bellies.
  • Kneading helps kittens bond with their mothers and is an evolutionary response.
  • The bond between the massaging cat and the other is strengthened. Because massage is a sign of love and affection between two animals.
  • The other purpose of kneading is to mark and comfort the nursing cat as his own. The action also helps them fall into a restful sleep. It may have evolved from the way cats are used to sleeping in the wild.


Ownership is very important for every living thing. A sense of ownership encourages us to protect our parents, friends and relatives, to love them more, and more. Because the bond between them gets stronger. Cats, like us, can adopt the people in their environment, their mothers and siblings. Their possessions are also eligible for possession. Cats massage for this reason. For them, ownership is directly related to marking. While kneading things, cats and us, they leave an odor as if they are massaging. In addition to massaging, they can also mark with friction. When sending messages to other cats and creatures, we can also understand that they love us and the objects they rub against.


Cats spend most of the day sleeping. Therefore, they need to stretch more than we do. They also massage soft objects such as blankets to relax their muscles. In addition to the purpose of skipping awakening from sleep, preparation for sleep also causes cats to massage. Cats who cannot throw off the energy on them are relieved by stretching. Paws that are tired during the massage are ready for sleep. The relaxed body invites you to a peaceful sleep.


Many cats knead for happiness and to make them feel safe. Sometimes a cat will stop kneading because it feels uncomfortable. In this case, it could be an underlying health condition or a traumatic experience that creates stress for the cat. This behavior may also be the result of a recent move or change in the cat’s life.


Besides being a comforting gesture, kneading can also be a way for cats to show their love and affection for their humans. While this behavior may be uncomfortable for humans, it is a natural behavior for cats. Just make sure you always have a warm blanket handy. Because nails can hurt you. For this reason, you can allow your cat to massage by covering you with a blanket. This will also strengthen the bond between you.

It could also be a sign that a cat is showing you affection. Cats knead to show their owners that they feel safe and comfortable. If your cat is giving you a massage, you can give him treats or his favorite toys. That way, your cat will be more likely to switch to a more attractive surface. You can also use a thick blanket or kneaded surface to help your cat feel comfortable. If you’re worried that your cat’s kneading behavior could be a sign of a health problem, visit a veterinarian. Your veterinarian can provide tips to help you prevent or cope with sudden or repetitive behaviors.

mating call

Cats massage during their heat cycles to show potential mates that they are ready to mate. The pads on their paws contain scent glands that release scent to mark their territory. This behavior is only seen in female cats and may be accompanied by other behavioral changes such as excessive affection and restlessness. Fortunately, neutering your cat can eliminate the need for these behaviors.

Some scientists have hypothesized that there are several reasons why cats knead throughout their lives. For example, unneutered female cats may knead their bodies by rubbing against clothing, pillows, and blankets before entering heat. Pheromorphone products are also available that make it more comfortable for cats to knead before they go into heat.

Zone marking

Kneading can also help cats communicate. In the wild, cats use pheromones to mark territories and communicate with each other. A cat’s scent lingers long after it leaves its location. Cats have glands on their cheeks, base of their tails and paws. This kneading process allows the fragrance to spread throughout the area.


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One of the most common reasons your cat kneads blankets is to relax. It’s natural for a kitten to knead its mother’s stomach before falling asleep. This behavior is also common in adult cats. It helps to soothe the cat and release the hormone oxytocin, which keeps the bond between mother and kitten strong. However, if your cat is constantly kneading your blanket, it may be a sign that your cat is stressed.

Kneading or massaging is a common way to provide comfort for cats. Apart from physical, it also provides emotional relaxation. Kittens can bring back memories because cats associate it with being cared for by their mother. This move can also help cats stretch their muscles, which is important to their health. The feeling of comfort often resembles hugging a soft blanket.


When we say that comfort is important for cats, it may seem strange to cat owners. Because even if we buy the most luxurious mattresses and mattresses, they prefer to sleep and have fun in boxes. But there are a few things they do for their own comfort. One of them is massage. They do kneading movements to relax themselves. Sometimes they try to comfort the cat in front of them.

Don’t expect attention

Cats who feel disinterested give their owners a massage. If the frequency of massage is too high, your cat may be stressed or disturbed by something. You should devote more time to it. You should make sure that you show your love to your cat. If you are conscious of the answer to the question of how the cat who wants affection behaves, you can make your cat who is waiting for attention happy in a short time.

What should be done to prevent kneading in cats?

If your cat is kneading too often and is damaging things because of it, you may need a few tips to prevent table build-up. While this practice is natural, excessive use may indicate an underlying problem. That’s why we recommend consulting your veterinarian. For kneading operations with normal frequency, our advice is to ignore the situation rather than worry or worry. Because cats usually do this for good purposes. As we mentioned, if the frequency increases, you should consult your veterinarian.

  • You can give your cat a toy or snack when you understand that it will be kneading. He will stop kneading when his interest is distracted.
  • Trim your nails regularly. Cats with short nails often keep kneading short or not. It also prevents the items from being scratched or hurt.
  • Never punish.
  • If your cat tries to give you a massage, you can avoid getting hurt by putting a blanket on you.

Why do cats massage? Womiraz

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