Why Judith has the last word on The Walking Dead

Why Judith has the last word on The Walking Dead

“Andy made it very clear he didn’t want to be the last image the show was going to end on.”

In the Walking Dead comics, it is Carl who concludes the story, with his wife Sophia and their child. Suffice to say that this end was impossible to achieve for the television version. But the series The Walking Dead offered something similar… Spoiler alert!

The last sequence of the zombific drama shows Judith with RJ scanning the horizon. A short scene of a few seconds, which follows the thunderous return of Rick and Michonne. We all thought that the series was going to end on this image of Rick, smiling in front of the CRM helicopter that came to pick him up. But no.

Andrew Lincoln refused to be the end of the story, as Angela Kang told Variety. Why ? Out of respect for those who have held the show since his departure: “For Andy and Danai Gurira, it was important that their appearance in the finale would only be an appearance and would not overshadow the main story in any way.“, details the showrunner who goes further:

Negan and Maggie already back in the first Walking Dead: Dead City teaser

“Andy made it very clear that he didn’t want to be the last image the show ends the show on. He felt like it wasn’t right (towards others) because he left the show he a long time ago while a lot of people have continued to work on it over the past few years, with good intentions and good faith.”

It was therefore his heiress, Judith, who had the end of The Walking Deadpaving the way for the future and sequel of the franchise, with its ongoing spin-offs:

“What really worked to our advantage was that the end of Robert Kirkman’s comic book doesn’t close the story, it just closes a chapter, and opens a door. It’s a zombie story that never ends. You can feel the same in the background of the show. Not everything has been fixed. But it’s also not some kind of nihilistic view of the world, where all these people try to survive for so many years and end up failing. Our intention was to close this chapter, but then let people feel that there is another turning point in history.”

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