Will a new anime project be announced soon?

Will a new anime project be announced soon?

Rumors about a new one have persisted for some time Dragon Ball anime series. Now there are reports again that possibly next week an announcement could be made.

Will a new Dragon Ball anime be revealed in December?

The latest rumors are once again on Twitter users @dbs20191 back, who previously made similar statements surrounding the unveiling of a Dragon Ball Web Anime caused a stir. A message that was then other industry insiders was picked up and confirmed.

Recently it was said that this new “Dragon Ball” anime project could next week to be announced. This reveal is said to coincide roughly with the Japanese disc release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero coincide, which is expected on December 7, 2022 will take place.

For this date, an online event for the anime cinema film was held last night approvedthe at 12 p.m. German time will be held. This is a program in which, among other things, various Japanese voice actorswho participated in the film will be present.

It is quite possible that within the framework of this event Announcing a new anime project could come. At least it would be a pretty cheap option. Alternatively, this will take place in December Jump Festa 2023 event will take place, where “Dragon Ball” will also be represented.

Will a new anime project be announced soon - Will a new anime project be announced soon?
Will Son Goku soon experience new adventures with his friends? © Bird Studio / Shueisha, Toei Animation

So far, however, they have been officially confirmed none of these statements, which is why you should still view them with the necessary amount of skepticism. As the Dragon Ball franchise continues financially very successful is, the announcement of a new anime project should only be a matter of time.

Will a new anime project be announced soon?

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