Woodkid unveils the video of his Reactor track developed under Unreal Engine 5

Woodkid unveils the video of his Reactor track developed under Unreal Engine 5

Woodkid unveiled the video of his track Reactormade using the video game development engine Unreal Engine 5.

The culmination of a successful tour, passing through 19 countries and bringing together more than 2,200,000 spectators (including 15,000 in three full evenings at the Seine Musicale), the video of the piece Reactor also comes to celebrate the two years of the release of the hit album by Woodkid, S16.

It was also when the album was released that the two artists, Saad Moosajee et Woodkid, met, after a first contact through social networks. It therefore took two years, and hundreds of hours of work on the development engine Unreal Engine 5 to develop this visual and sensory interpretation of Reactor.

“We share the same passion for animation, motion design and dance. When Saad asked me if he could make a video for one of the songs from my latest album S16 I immediately accepted and gave him the time to produce this magnificent film which gives a new dimension to the song. This is a perfect gift for fans for the 2 year anniversary of S16” declared Woodkid.

The concept of the video makes it a very ambitious project, which required organization and special effects worthy of the biggest blockbusters, in particular because of the lava. Thus, more than 6 animation departments worked on the 44 plans of Reactorwhich is extremely rare on music video productions.

“Lava is one of the most complicated subjects because of its hot and cold properties, its viscous and fluid dense appearance as well as its different layers of material during and after eruptions. This explains why lava is not very present in animation, VFX, or even in the biggest box office films” Explain Saad Moosajee.

Inspired by the cinematography of melodies sung by the Suginami Japanese Chorus, Saad Moosajee wanted to explore the complex relationships between nature and technologies and their impact on new generations, while paying homage to Japanese anime of the 90s like Akira et Ghost in the Shell.

He explains : “These are two revolutionary films made possible thanks to the considerable involvement of all the teams. I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to make such perfect videos.”

Anime are also a of inspiration in the composition of music. Woodkid add, “Reactor is a tribute to the repetitive and minimalist music and anime Japanese manga that were part of my culture when I was younger”.

Woodkid unveils the video of his Reactor track developed under Unreal Engine 5

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