Zombie Series Finale Explained

Zombie Series Finale Explained

Zombie Series Finale Explained

The long-running and once-successful zombie series the Walking Dead has said goodbye to the fans after eleven seasons. Despite the final, it goes with that TWD franchise next, already are some Spin-offs as follow-up series in progress.

We’ll show you what that is extra long finale of the hit series including one epic epilogue means and what impact it has on the Future of the TWD universe will have. The complete TWD series with all episodes including the finale is at Disney+ available.

Battle of the Commonwealth

At the end of Season 11, Daryl and the rest of the group gather their strength to create the new Opponent Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) to account. Meanwhile, this rushes her soldiers with a Horde of undead on her own city, fully aware that she can use it to get rid of her opponents – no matter how many victims it will cost.

While in previous seasons it tended to end up with some popular characters as to mourn victims gave, this remains for the fans at large Finale of the series largely spared. As is to be expected, the series makers have brought up a lot of undead again, which should make it difficult for our heroes to survive until the end – but in the end it only becomes life-threatening for a few well-known characters.

In the end, there are victims to mourn

Especially the emotional one Farewell to Rosita, who sacrifices herself for her newly found little daughter Cocco, triggers a wave of dismay among the fans. Other victims stick with the exception of Jules and hatch, who are also being overrun by the horde of undead, within limits. Also the badly injured Judith Grimes will be saved.

In the course of the battle, Daryl and his comrades finally manage to confront Pamela Milton and lure the horde of zombies into a trap in order to get rid of them with a gigantic explosion.

after one Timeskip from one year we are allowed to do that saved Commonwealth experience in new splendor: King Ezekiel ensures peace in the city as the new governor of the Commonwealth while the rest of the group settles there a new life built.

Zombie Series Finale Explained - Zombie Series Finale Explained

Daryl & Carol

Daryl could come with Carol lead a happy and contented life in the new community, but the series makers have other plans for our hero. And so Daryl says goodbye and sets off to find Rick and Michonne and bring them home. He gets on his motorcycle and drives away.

Here is already a first look at the new Spinoff with Daryl thrown, which should go to the start next year.

Maggie & Negan

Meanwhile, we get to see Maggie and Negan together, who may never be friends again but still pursue new goals together. Here, too, a another spin off announced the title The Walking Dead: Dead City carries and leads the two to New York.

Find yourself here Maggie and Negan in the devastated Manhattan, which is surrounded by hordes of undead and cut off from the outside world. Why and how the two after new York coming will be kept secret until the end.

The start of the new series is for April 2023 planned. Here is a first Preview trailer:

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Epilogue starring Rick & Michonne

Meanwhile, at the end of the series, fans get an important clue about the fate of in a specially filmed scene Rick and Michonne. Rick is shown standing on the shore surrounded by the dead and undead and being forced by men into a CRM Helicopter to rise.

In another scene michonne to see who also arrives there and Rick’s stuff finds. Below is a letter that he managed to write to her. At this point, not only the first contact with each other is important, even if it seems to be delayed. In addition, Michonne presents herself in a completely new combat gear, which certainly raises questions. How did she get this outfit over time and what exactly is it all about?

At this point we are likely to announce the two in the Rick & Michonne series see you again as another spin-off. The first details about the plot are still top secret here.

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Zombie Series Finale Explained

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